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Verizon and NYC MediaLab

Stephanie Ashenfelder and University of Rochester students Gina Romanazzi, Bradley Martin, Nefle Nesli Oruc, Yifan Jiang and Gevher Romanazzi were awarded a 100K grant from Verizon and NYC’s Media Lab to bring new technology to educators at the Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester, NY. Stephanie and her team will help teachers and museum educators meet Rochester City School District grade-level curricula and NY state standards through innovative learning apps developed by the winners of the 5G EdTech Challenge. “The content we build on Verizon’s app will serve the needs of museum educators. In particular, we are interested in the social and emotional learning curriculum and how art and technology can provide young learners with the space to explore self-awareness” says Ashenfelder. Public Announcement Pending Approvals. Initial Announcement can be found here.



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